Classic RPG Games Review – Breath of Fire 4

I’m gonna review one of my favorite classic game, Breath of Fire 4. Keep reading…

Breath of Fire 4 is a turn-based RPG, just like Final Fantasy Series, and Dragon Warrior. But BOF 4 is not an ordinary RPG game. There are a lot of elements that make this game special, here they are:

*The battle is fun since you can combine some powerful combos into a powerful attack and you can also switch any characters along the battle

*There are a lot of mini games in BOF 4, such as fishing, puzzles, secret dungeons and also secret bosses. (Compared to previous series, it’s hard to find fishing spots, but the good news is, you will get a lot of items while fishing)

*This game has beautiful 2D graphics, from the forest, until the towns. They look soft and smooth. The characters and enemies also look great and amazing.

*There are a lot of skills to master. (unfortunately, most of them are useless)

Gameplay and Story

You play as Ryu who has power to transform into a powerful dragon. You will be accompanied by Nina and Ray who have mission to find princess Elina, the sister of Nina.Different from most RPG in Playstation Console, BOF 4 has two storylines at the same time. Along the game, you can control both of main characters, Ryu and Fou game is difficult to play. Especially when you fight the last boss, Fou Lu.

Just like Ryu, Fou Lu can also transform into a powerful dragon. By the way, Fou Lu is a very cool antagonist. (i like to compare him with Zell in Final Fantasy 8).If you are a classic RPG games collector, you should add BOF 4 to your list.

Thanks for reading…