Experience The Virtual World With Latest Video Games

At present there are thousands of video games available in the market. Finding the latest game is not a big deal these days. The presence of internet has given us the edge to have access to some of the most played games around the world. But finding some good games for the platforms like PC, PS3 and Xbox is a not an easy task. You must know what genre you love to play. There are various types of games made each day, it depends on us what we love to play. Some people like third-person shooter games and other game-freaks are keen to play first-person shooter games.

But 15 years ago, there were no PlayStations, Xbox, Nintendo, Wii or any other consoles available for gaming. We did have video games with cassettes that were inserted into the device for playing games. Remember playing Contra, Mario, Double Dragons and Adventure Island, these are the few games that must have been played by each of us during our childhood. With more and more advanced technologies taking place, the traditional gamers focus started shifting to the newly launched PlayStation 2, a full-fledged gaming console with capabilities to run high graphics and latest video games. And with more people taking interest in gaming, the market for gaming consoles started to grow rapidly each month. New games were launched, played and forgotten, as more and more games were made regularly.

In 2004, a new first-person science-fiction horror video game was launched in the Indian market, which became the favorite among the gamers. This new game was known as Doom III, which recently got its new update with the launch of Doom III BFG Edition.

If Doom III is a game for first-person shooter fans, than there are some good games made for third-person shooter game fan-club. One best game, Max Payne is the most played and critically acclaimed 3rd person shooter game ever launched in India. The first series of the game was launched in 2001, which became famous and made third-person action shooting game a saga in the gaming history. Later on, with the success of 3rd person shooter game, the brands like Square Enix, EA Games, ID and many more started their operation to develop more such interesting games.

The extremely fast growth of 3D games gave the developers to come out with an idea that made the gamers control the character of the game through their body movement. Yes, you guessed it right; the introduction of Kinect in Xbox and Motion Controller in PlayStation 3 gave a whole new meaning to the gaming. But the question is, will the concept of motion control be hit in India. Though there are people who love to explore this concept but there are also fans who love to play game via controllers.

With the success of most of the game titles, developers started producing the sequels even in the game. One best series that we know is Prince of Persia, which has till date got various sequels that have generated huge profits for the developers. And one another such game, which has made us want it again and again, is the Hitman series. The latest in the line is Hitman: Absolution, launched recently.