7 Super-Fun Kids Game Sites

Having preschoolers or elementary school kids, you may be looking for something to make the day go by a little quicker, and maybe a bit more interactive than popping in a Disney movie when kids are at home during inclement climate or national holidays.

The internet is a wonderful place for your child to learn, play and explore. The world of gaming for kids is constantly changing. Trying out some interactive video and computer games and choosing right games for your child which is beneficial to them is a good option. They will have lots of fun and even learn some new things. Video games and computer games are known to improve hand-eye-co-ordination and some other benefits are improvements in decision making, knowing more about graphic designing and technologies and gaining skills, self-confidence, motivation.

We have 7 of our favorite websites to save your precious browsing time. All the game sites listed are considered to be kid friendly websites.

1] Nick Jr- If you have preschooler then Nick Jr would be very familiar. It has all favorite characters from Dora the explorer to Diego to Ni-Hao, Kai-Lan. Your kids can play Kai-Lan’s matching game or Diego’s great roadrunner race and it also has interactive color pages or creative art like Plex’s Robot Creator.

2] Funschool by Kaboose – Funschool by Kaboose offers interactive games to learn about history in the “Time Warp” section, geography in “Globe Rider” and science in “Formula Fusion”, plus sports, math’s and more. So it adds little more learning to your child’s activities along with fun.

3] NASA kids club – Space-fascinated kids will totally dig the site, with age-based games and content, your child will be thoroughly educated and engrossed. Preschoolers will enjoy the Buzz Lightyear Returns from Space game and the online put it together puzzles.

4] – Here your kids can play Star Wars or Knight Adventure to save the princess. Simple games like “building” with virtual Lego blocks with free play or based on an easy blueprint are also available in this site with continuous fun online with strategy, adventure, action, creativity and preschool games based on popular Lego sets.

5] – It is a super-cool place to play games, print out coloring pages and create great kid art or, try out the story creator, where your child can be transformed into a cartoon and become the star of his or her very own story.

6] – It is a place where your kid can catch up clips of his or her favorite shows or play games with Sprout characters such as Thomas the Train, Barney and Elmo. It is a 24-hour preschool channel where there are also crafts and coloring section full of fun ideas for home and parties.

7] Yahoo! Kids – The ultimate game destination with maximum choices from Sesame Street to Star Wars and arcade to adventure.

There are lots of fantastic games to choose from these game sites whether you want your child to learn or to just have fun.

Candy Crush Saga – Sweet Games for Android

I think most of you must be heard about this game before, simply because this game is available on Facebook and also the other platform. Candy Crush saga is a straightforward puzzle game having exciting gameplay, having colourful graphic and also sweet candy this game has get so much interest within the markets. With more than One million download world-wide surely the game already become probably the most popular games for Android device. In case you hasn’t play the game yet and wish to know what this game provides, just find out the insight and feature of Candy Crush Saga under.


Located on a first page on Google Play as being the editor pick, Candy Crush Saga certainly has some thing extraordinary. Since you may know, Candy Crush Saga is a straightforward puzzle game where the goal is to arrange several candy using a same color to get bonus. Similar to another simple puzzle game, the game offers pretty challenging level and quite difficult to master. You must think very carefully before making a decision to make huge bonus. While you progress the level get harder and also the challenges can make you thrill. There are numerous power up to pick-up and make it easier to complete each challenges including booster and also charm.

As you complete every level, sometime you’ll open up certain item that will help you gain big bonus and finish the level more easy, nevertheless these items only can be acquired if you gain some achievement. The very first level and forth is quite easy, but when you reach a higher level and area you’ll see why this game has so much challenge inside it. Playing this game while expecting someone or any time you bored and wish to spend some spare time is really a fun way of course.

The graphic is straightforward yet entertaining enough to make you keep hungry for your candy. The music is sweet and can make you dive in to the candy world very easily. For the control it is very simple much like some other puzzle game mainly, you simply need to swipe to safely move the candy and also tap to select it. Candy Crush Saga provide around 100 levels to finish and every level giving fun as well as simple gameplay yet tough to master. You are able to look at your score as well as compare it together with another player on Global leader board, or for those who would like to contest with your friend, just synch it with your own facebook account.

Though candy crush saga is amongst the hottest games out there, however sometime the level become repetitive and you probably become bored if you play it for too much time, the entire concept is definitely fun and it’s a good simple puzzle games. In case you looking for this type of game, Candy Crush Saga is certainly one of the best choices around alongside angry bird, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, and more. You can grab Candy Crush Saga at Google play for free.

The Steps of SuperCard Dstwo Tutorial to Work on The 3DS

SuperCard DSTwo Tutorial to perform around the 3DS-SuperCard V.1.12 firmware update-SuperCard V.1.11 EOS update

Note 1: For Nintendo 3DS, Firmware Ver. 2.1.0-4UNote 2: be sure you have an FLASHCART enabled nDS system. (eg. DS Lite, DSi or DSiXL)

STEP 01Prepare your DSTWO Cartridge, MicroSD card and 3DS technique and DSi/XL or , insert your microSD card into your your DESKTOP, produce a manufacturer new FOLDER and identify it My your micro SD card, duplicate and paste every thing on it, onto the folder you just made named “My Backups”Afterwards, remove every thing in your microSD card… EVERYTHING!!

Step 02Now that the microSD card is entirely empty, carry on onward to this following to this LINK: that link’s page, obtain the “DSTWO v1.11_0723(07-23)”

Step 03After downloading the file, available available “DSTWO_v1.11_0723_eng” folder and duplicate all written content that is detailed in it. (eg. “_dstwo”, “”, & “readme_”)And PASTE that which you copied into your microSD card.

Step 04Back for the website, click and obtain in which it says “firmware v1.12 help for 3ds v2.0(06-10)”After it’s finished downloading, available available “eng” folder and duplicate the a single document that’s only there. (eg. )Paste it in to the microSD card alongside with all of the other documents you’ve currently copied into it.

Step 05Now place the microSD card in to the DSTWO cartridge and insert the flashcart in to a DS Lite, DSi or XL. You cannot do this action using a 3DS.Insert the DSTWO flashcart in to the handheld and fill up the flashcart.A little window will prompt up asking you “Update technique Beta 1.12, OK(A) or Cancel(B)”Press A for OK to begin the update. Now wait around for it to update alone displaying a progress bar. (takes like 30 secs)After the update is done, the update document is instantly erased, so don’t be concerned about deleting it…

Step 06Turn away the handheld and get rid of the flashcart and insert it into your your 3DS, it will say ALEX RIDER STORMBREAKER, THQ and fill it.Congrats, you do it! Now you can proceed what ever crucial documents you backed up back again onto your microSD card.